Kids' pool safety information and regulations

Swimming pools are meant to be a relaxing and fun environment enjoyed by the entire family. Unfortunately, they can also be dangerous places for young children.

Drowning has become one of the leading causes of death in Queensland for children under the age of 5 years. This is why pool safety laws were introduced in 2009.

At Coral Coast & Burnett Pool Inspections we are part of the committee dedicated to helping reduce the number of child immersion incidents in Queensland.

We can all work together to protect children in the pool by:

  • Teaching your children to swim
  • Closely supervising kids at all times
  • Learning how to resuscitate
  • Checking your pool barriers
  • Keeping barriers clear of climbable objects
  • Ensuring the gate is never propped open
  • Checking all gates & doors leading to the pool are self-closing & latching

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Pool Safety Tips

Read through 6 of our simple tips to make your pool safer and help you comply with regulations.

  1. Reduce the height of surrounding ground levels and garden beds
  2. Adjust self-closing mechanisms or replace hinges to make the gate self-closing
  3. Oil gate hinges
  4. Shield climbable objects with non-climbable covers
  5. Trim back climbable vegetation and trees
  6. Secure moveable objects near the pool


In Queensland, swimming pool safety is regulated through the Building Act 1975.

The objective of this act is to reduce the incidence of pool-related immersion injuries and drowning deaths for children aged 5 and under.

The Building Act cites the Queensland Development Code MP3.4 which outlines technical information regarding pool compliance. This documentation was introduced in 2009 and applies to all new and existing pools.

You can find a copy of the code, here.

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