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Pool Fence — Pool Inspection in Bargana, QLD

Coral Coast & Burnett Pool Inspections provide pool safety, fence and gate inspection services. Our qualified inspector is dedicated to making sure your pool meets all required regulations.

Our inspection services are carried out in accordance with the Pool Safety Standard in the Queensland Development Code section MP3.4, and all other standards outlined under the Building Act 1975 for the safety of persons using a regulated pool.

If your pool area, fence and gate is compliant we will issue a pool safety certificate on the spot. We can also send you a digital copy of this document after the inspection.

Read more about pool compliance and inspections in our FAQs. Call our team to organise your inspection.


Use our pool safety checklist to make sure you have the best chance at passing your inspection the first time. This checklist should be used as a guide only.


Is your pool registered?

Pool Fence

Is your pool fence at least 1200mm high?

Is the bottom of your pool fence and gate no more than 100mm from the ground?

Are the horizontal rails on your pool fence less than 900mm apart?

Are the gaps between the verticals on your pool fence no more than 10mm wide?

Are your vertical rails no more than 100mm apart?

Are there climbable objects* within 900mm from the outside and 300mm from the inside?

Are climbable trees cut back from the pool fence?

Is your pool fence well maintained and fixed securely with no broken rails, verticals or holes?
*climbable objects include BBQs, potted plants, furniture, garden rocks and shrubs


Is there a current CPR sign easily visible near the pool?

Is the CPR sign at least 300mm by 300mm in size?


Do any doors provide direct access from the house to the pool?

Are windows that open into the pool area fixed so they don’t open more than 100mm, or do they have a screen fitted?

Pool Gate

Does your pool gate open outward?

Does your gate self-close and self-latch from all open positions?

Is the gate latch at least 1500mm off the ground and 1400mm above the top part of the lowerrailings?

If your latch is located inside it needs to be at least 150mm below the top of the fence and covered with a 450mm radius shield on the outside.

Are the hinges on the gate at least 900mm apart?

Does the lower hinge have a non-climbable safety cap?

If you answered no to any of these questions, please contact our inspector.

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Since our establishment Coral Coast & Burnett Pool Inspections has provided comprehensive pool safety, inspection and consultancy services. We are fully licensed and insured to handle all residential and commercial work. Committed to pool safety, we will come to you anywhere in the Bundaberg, Wide Bay or Fraser Coast areas. Book an inspection today.

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